Riding bicycles in the rain.

I’m trying to get a handle on the workings of wordpress, so writing/posting an article seems like a thing.

So, a thing.

Of riding bicycles in the rain;

Rode out this morning, after a couple of days of fair 70degree February days into low 30s with steady and moderate rain. Heading down the road my mind wandered -as it always does when riding in the rain- to thoughts about early rain rides. Bicycles have been a strong thread in my life since I acquired my first diamond frame bicycle at age 11., pulling it from a dumpster at the apartments where we lived at the time. Half a century past.

This bicycle changed everything. The ability to roam widely, have more adventures, get into more trouble opened vast space of possibility. One
memory stands out after all this in particular; Riding down an empty main road in Atlanta at night, in the pouring rain, looking  down at the reflections of the streetlights and buildings in the wet road surface. As if the roadway showed what was below as i flew through space on my bicycle.

That memory was enough to keep me of the mind that recreating the experience would always be welcome, as long as I live and am able to try.

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